Android App Update to PlayFallsview™ social gaming experience.
To install the latest version, tap the "Download Now" button.
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If you have already installed the PlayFallsview™ App, please follow the instructions below to uninstall and install the App.
Please watch the video below to uninstall the latest App version
Steps to Uninstall App
1. Press and hold the PlayFallsview™ App. Select App Info.
2. You will now be on the PlayFallsview™ App's settings page. On this page, tap the uninstall button to remove the App.
3. Please select OK to confirm App removal.
Please watch the video below to install the latest App version
Steps to Install App
1. To install the latest version of the PlayFallsview™ App, tap the "Download Now" button.
Download Now
2. Go back to the folder where the PlayFallsview™ App file was saved and tap on the file to continue installation.
3. If installation is blocked due to unknown sources, tap the "SETTINGS" button on the information screen.
4. Enable the "Unknown sources" toggle and tap "OK" on the information screen.
5. Go back to the download folder to continue installation.
Steps to verify that you have the latest version of App installed
1. After installing the App tap the settings button.
2. In the Settings modal window, check the bottom left corner for the version number. The version number should be at or higher than
If you have any issues installing the PlayFallsview™ App, please contact us at .